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Posted by BigCommerce on Nov 19th 2020

Why E-Bikes? E-bikes make up a large percentage of total current bicycle sales; in fact, E-bikes outsell conventional bikes by large margins in some areas of the world. Some reasons to select Concept

Enjoyment and exercise. Concept E-bikes have been designed first as highly capable pedal bikes but with electric assistance available. Pedal as much and as hard as you feel like and let the motor take over as desired – or stop pedaling and use the thumb-throttle.

Quiet and Eco-friendly – excellent option for commuting.

Long range practicality – a few pennies of charging provides miles of range.

Capability: ride places you couldn’t reach previously – or return to ride places you could get to when you were younger and stronger.

Concept E-Bikes is part of Concept, Inc., operating since 1991. We are known around the globe for robotic industrial automation products, which are engineered and manufactured at Concept’s facility. Based in the eastern Sierra near Lake Tahoe, we’re situated in an outdoor adventure-land with an abundance of mountain trails, scenic back roads and near the expansive deserts of the Great Basin. Concept employs a number of bicycle enthusiasts, so along with its expertise in controls and engineering, adding e-bikes to the lineup was a logical move. We offer bikes designed by people who really ride them, push them hard – made the way we like them for our own use.In 2016, Concept rolled out two of its first four prototypes, using frames supplied by a company that provides frames for some of the best-known brands and allows us to provide the high-quality of the premier brands at a reasonable cost. Like with all of Concept’s products, design development continues as an ongoing process.We now offer bikes that satisfy a wide range of intended uses – whether it be leaving the car at home to enjoy the commute on our capable E500 or charging down technical single-track trails on our newest top-of-the-line E600HC Enduro (available Spring 2020). Unlike most in this industry, we use only high-quality components from companies like SRAM, Shimano, RockShox and RST. Bafang motors are the most used in the industry and our bikes get the best that they offer.We test rigorously in every environment: on steep mountain trails, snow, sand, mud, rocks and in the forest to make sure you can depend on getting there – and home again. We proudly offer electric bikes for every type of riding and are dedicated to making sure our customers are thrilled with their purchase.If you’re in the Reno/Carson City/Lake Tahoe region, come by our plant and try one out. Here’s the best statistic: 100% of all who have test ridden one of our bikes have returned with a smile!

701 S Carson St
Carson City Nv 89701